Heroes of Might and Magic V – Update 1.2 von 1.1 DVD

 	Heroes of Might and Magic V - Update 1.2 von 1.1 DVDUbisoft (DVD Version)
Bevor Sie dieses Update installieren können müssen Sie Update 1.1 installiert haben!

Beim Laden eines gespeicherten Spiels einer älteren Version, werden einige Fixes erst nach Neustart der Map verfügbar sein.

Neue Features:

– Extended tool tips for buildings on the adventure map.
– Melee attack performed when holding CTRL.
– A hotkey (R) to invoke the creature-hiring interface from any town interface.
– All creatures now have a new status (Range), describing the range at which the creature's attack is halved.
– A new Video Option: Camera Mode.
– A new End of Combat interface.
– Hot-seat duel mode.
– Hall of Fame.
– Two new maps: 'Last Hope' and 'War of The Worlds'.


– Multiplayer now works correctly.
– Various textual mistakes (descriptions, missing objectives, and messages) were corrected.
– Balance was tuned on the following maps: 'The Conquest', 'The Attack', 'The Invasion', 'The Cultists', 'The Triumvirate', 'Defiance', 'Island of One's Own'.
– AI can no longer hire Haven heroes on 'The Fall of the King' map.
– On 'The Fall of the King' map, the area where Godric is to be brought to fulfil the 'Send Godric to Nicolai' task has been enlarged.
– On 'The Cultists' map, the 'Capture any town in one week' task no longer disappears from the list immediately upon completion instead of becoming completed.
– On 'The Temptation' map, if the enemy Wizard patrolling the river is killed, the 'Avoid enemy patrols' objective will no longer be automatically completed.
– On 'The Refugees' map, one of the objectives was fixed.
– On the 'Dragon Pass' map, the 'Defeat All' task is now specified.
– On 'The Triumvirate' map, after Zehir's fight with Markal, the message 'You Lost' no longer appears.
– On 'The March' map, the hero Grawl can now visit the red key master tent.
– On the 'Liberation' map, the AI can no longer hire the hero Narxes.
– On 'The Alliance' map, the use of the Instant Travel spell no longer causes the script failure.
– On the 'Diplomat' map, losing to AI with the Quick Combat option now fails the mission.
– On the 'Maahir's Gambit' map, the AI cannot seize any of the artefacts that are key to the task's completion.
– On 'The Refugees' map, a possible problem with non-completion of the main objective was fixed.
– On the 'Raelag's Offer' map, the game no longer hangs if Isabel or Markal lose to neutral creatures.
– 'The Emerald One' map can now be played after loading a saved game.
– On 'The Refugee' map, a possible problem with gaining the Dragon Teeth Necklace artefact was fixed.
– The Black Dragons can now be healed by the First Aid Tents.
– The model of Shadya was corrected.
– When Gating is used, the clone will no longer be a normal creature.
– Incorrect message in the 'Rumours' interface in the Tavern was fixed.
– The game now renews the list of sessions in the lobby after the player has left the session.
– Unreachable Dolmen of Knowledge was fixed on the 'Land of Outcasts' map.
– A non-activated dialogue cutscene was fixed on the 'A Tear for Ossir' map.
– Mages and Archmages now use their shot ability properly.
– Gating works for a lone Horned Overseer now.
– The ATB-bar now shows proper information about the turns queue.
– The problem fixed with the bottom part of buildings models in the Preserve appears through the water.
– When an Archangel dies of 'Harm Touch', he no longer remains hanging over the field.
– In Time Pressing mode, the time is now shown.
– Texts are no longer duplicated in the chat after leaving the combat.
– The puzzle map now works correctly in the Underworld.
– The problem with the incorrectly positioned camera at one of the Grass arenas was fixed.
– The player can no longer gain two levels of the same skill with one Level-Up.
– Summoned creatures are no longer shown in the Combat Results calculations.
– Time overlaps with the icon in Dynamic Battle.
– The 'Resisted' inscription now appears in the right place.
– On 'The Betrayal' map, there is no longer a message when approaching the garrison.
– Vampires and Vampire Lords no longer restore their health when attacking Undead creatures.
– Heroes now move with the correct sound at x3 speed.
– Lethos now uses his Decay ability properly.
– It is now much easier to move the cursor to objects.
– The user can no longer hear the opponents by using Monolith.
– The hero in the Haven town garrison now gains weekly movement bonus from Stables.
– The Sphinx' text box was changed.
– The player starting the game with the Random Hero option can no longer have a hero already selected by another player.
– In the multiplayer game, if one of the players quits while the map is being loaded, the other players can start their session anyway.
– The message which appears when a combat is lost to Possessed creatures was corrected.
– A Hero leaving a town no longer returns there immediately as sometimes occurred.
– The Sparkling Fountain now correctly gives Luck +2.
– Objects on the map now have correct tool tips.
– Description of the Silent Stalker perk was fixed.
– The hero Sinitar now has an accurate description of his 'Catalyst' ability.
– The Deep Hydra now restores its health completely.
– The error in the description of the Idol of Fortune was fixed.
– The spell 'Weakness' is correctly explained in the tool tip.
– The hero is no longer able to take troops from allies.
– With faster hero movement settings, other map animations are no longer accelerated.
– The text was formatted in the 'Ritual Pit' interface.
– The Scouts' and Assassins' 'No Range Penalty' are contrary to fact.
– Problem with creatures overlapping with fragments of ruined fortifications at the siege arena was fixed.
– The Dragon Bone Greaves artefact now gives initiative bonus to melee-fighting creatures.
– Damage prediction was corrected.
– The error in how the 'Frenzy' spell works was fixed.
– The error in how the 'Puppet Master' spell works was fixed.
– Numerous minor defects and bugs were fixed.

Download heroes_might_magic_5_1.02_eu.exe

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